Mystery item – Fort Leavenworth essay

Fort Leavenworth essayOccasionally we come across something in the library archive that doesn’t quite fit neatly into a box (physically or metaphorically) and, unfortunately, was not labeled for posterity.

This “mystery” item appears to be a hand-painted essay in two shades of reddish brown. It is for a proposed but never issued stamp honoring Fort Leavenworth. It is in the typical style for 3¢ commemoratives of the mid-1950s. The “1953” date may be when it was drawn, as we can think of no major anniversary occurring that year. We are not sure of its origins or how it came to reside in the APRL archives.

The artist’s name at the lower right is C. L. Linck.

Perhaps one of our readers will be able to shed some light on this essay?

Guest post by Neil Coker, APRL Reference Assistant