Presentations from the Postal History Symposium online

Symposium attendees
Symposium attendees talk between sessions

The Sixth Annual Postal History Symposium presentations are now online, in case you missed the symposium or want to revisit any of the presenters’ slides.

The Symposium brought together collectors and academics, and the presentations brought many different perspectives to the theme of “How Commerce and Industry Shaped the Mails” – from the early days of postal history to the the current state of the USPS, which David Hochfelder addressed in his keynote.

In between talks, attendees used APS services (including the Library, Sales, and Expertizing), toured the American Philatelic Center, and visited the exhibits and dealer bourse hosted by the United States Stamp Society.

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  1. I would love to read a synopsis of the event.
    What was said, etc.
    There are many readers who obviously did not attend (Such as me) but would love to know just what happened there.

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