Staff profile: Neil Coker

Neil CokerSeptember’s American Philatelic Society staff profile features APRL reference assistant Neil Coker.

If you call or email the APRL, you will often be connected to Neil. He answers reference questions and fills orders for book loans, photocopies, and scanning. He’s also the library’s resident philatelist, as the only member of the staff who had a significant background in philately before coming to the APRL.


One thought on “Staff profile: Neil Coker”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Nice to find you. How are you? We still are in Michigan but are going to move back to Michigan’s UP. Sorry to have lost contact with you but Suzy passed away after the last time I saw you and have had a difficult time sorting things out. I still have your Icon in our Icon corner and still pray for you. You look well in your picture. I hope to hear back from you. Fred

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