125 years of American Philatelic Society history

APS 125th Anniversary exhibitOne of the largest of the archival collections at the APRL is the APS Archives. The collection includes documents, photos, correspondence, and souvenirs from the Society, which celebrates its 125th anniversary today.

Over the summer, APRL intern Robbin Zirkle put together an exhibit to showcase material from the archives. It was on display at StampShow in Columbus, Ohio in August, and is now on display on the APS website.

APA Constitution 1886In addition to 66 pages of material, Robbin also set up a display case to show some of the larger items from the collection, including wine bottles with commemorative labels, a gavel, a ledger, a Stamp Cruise t-shirt, an APS tie, and the original constitution of the APS (then the American Philatelic Association).

Even before she started her internship, Robbin had been inventorying the APS Archives. The first installment of her inventory will appear in the 3rd quarter issue of the Philatelic Literature Review. Such inventories are key to helping researchers discover and use archival collections.

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