New philatelic library: NORPHIL

Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library
The Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library, an all-volunteer library in Denver

Sergio Lugo of the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library recently visited with David Bushard, who is heading up an effort to start a new philatelic library near the Twin Cities area. Here is his report:

It was my distinct pleasure to meet with the planning group for NORPHIL this past Saturday in River Falls, Wisc. David Bushard assembled 7 other individuals for the first time to begin the process of laying out the eventual creation of NORPHIL as a viable library in the Twin Cities area.

The demographics of the Twin Cities are very akin to Denver’s about 20 years ago. That was encouraging for the planning group. Most of our time (I only had about an hour and a half) were devoted to such things as:

  1. How the RMPL got started
  2. How funds were raised
    (The wry observation was made that the RMPL is run almost as a business; a point that went undisputed by me.)
  3. Our auctions;
  4. How things had changed from 18 years ago.

The planning group appears to have a variety of talented and dedicated individuals looking at various aspects of the Library. They have an advantage in that David has already acquired numerous periodicals and books, which are being housed at his home. The planning group includes a realtor, as well as a very knowledgeable stamp dealer/appraiser. They are targeting the acquisition of a permanent property to house the Library for 5 years hence.

It is my understanding that the planning group will be meeting over the next year to iron out various issues. It is my hope that all the members of the philatelic libraries roundtable can be of assistance to David and the planning group as issues come up.

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  1. I talked with David Bushard in Minneapolis in July, as well, and briefed him on some of my experiences in creating a non-profit corporation such as was done with the Scandinavian Philatelic Library of Southern California (contents now incorporated into the national Scandinavian Collectors Club library, housed within the RMPL in Denver) as well as the 501 (c) (3) approval for the national SCC when I was national president.

    The non profit organization requires, I think, first the state recognition of the non profit, and then agreeement of the IRS. Recall that many hundreds, if not more, 501 (c) (3) organizations were recently stripped of that status by the IRS, so it will useful to be complete and careful to follow the rules and reporting requirements.

    Paul Nelson
    Postal History Foundation, Tucson.

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