Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library visit

Last week I was in Denver, representing the American Philatelic Society at the Rocky Mountain Stamp Show. While I was there, I visited the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library.

Tara Murray and Ellengail Beuthel at the RMPLThe RMPL is an all-volunteer organization. Retired librarian Ellengail Beuthel has provided the expertise necessary to organize the collection and provide an online catalog (RMPL holdings are also included in the Philatelic Union Catalog hosted by APRL), but many others have pitched in to do everything from organizing the topical collection to woodworking and painting to gardening.

RMPL gardenGardening? Yes, the RMPL has a very impressive alpine garden for those visitors who can pull themselves away from the books.

In addition to the expected philatelic books, catalogs, and journals, the RMPL also has a western history collection, and provides space for the Scandinavian Collectors Club Library and for regional stamp club meetings. During the stamp show, the RMPL hosted a banquet and tour for the United States Stamp Society.

The RMPL has recently embarked on a digitization project, and two volunteers are scanning a collection of historical letters.

I had talked to several representatives from the RMPL and SCC Library on the phone, but it was very helpful to get to talk to everyone in person and to see the way the collections were arranged and the library space used.

Scandinavian Collectors Club LibraryThe visit also reminded me that libraries are much more than just a building and a collection of books – they are a community. It is truly amazing what a dedicated group of volunteers have been able to do in Denver – build a collection, purchase and renovate a building, and, most importantly, sustain a lively community.

See more photos from my trip on the APS Facebook page.

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  1. We were pleased to have Tara Murray visit the Scandinavian Collectors Club Library in Denver. And we are working toward the day when the SCC Library catalog will be a part of the Union Catalog.

    Paul Albright (on behalf of the SCC Library Committee)

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