Penn State students volunteer at APRL

Volunteers sort albums in the Library
The afternoon group of volunteers seemed to enjoy looking through the albums as they worked.

A group of Penn State students came out to Bellefonte on Monday to volunteer as part of a day of service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Some of them spent their time in the APRL sorting our collection of stamp albums.

A larger group spent their time in the APS Education Department, and more pictures from the day are available on the APS Facebook page. Thanks to APS Director of Education Gretchen Moody for coordinating the day of service!

The APRL collects examples of albums (and stock books), showing how they have changed through the years. The collection includes many examples of Scott, Harris, and Minkus albums, as well as albums produced by postal administrations, topical albums, and albums for children. Many visitors like to see an example of their first album, but the collection can also be used to study the habits of collectors and the businesses associated with the hobby.

Penn State students volunteer at the APRL
The morning crew of volunteers got all the albums off the shelves, dusted, and started sorting them by country and then by company.

Some of the albums have been cataloged, but others have not. Now, thanks to the efforts of the student volunteers, they are at least in order so APRL staff and visitors can find them.

APRL staff are busy with daily library operations and filling requests, and the APRL relies on volunteers to complete projects like this one. If you are interested in donating your time to the APRL, we have plenty of projects to suit your interests and abilities. If you can’t come to Bellefonte to volunteer in person, we even have projects that can be completed at home.