New books at the APRL, January 2011

Arge Danzig e.V Rundschreiben (Wiesbaden; Berlin: Arge Danzig e.V, [1936?]-): ill.; 30 cm. [Journal]

ArGe Fiskal Philatelie im BDPh. Deutsche Stempeltarife aus einem Tagesnotizbuch des Jahres 1916: Jaresgabe 2000 (Solingen [Germany]: ArGe Fiskal Philatelie im BDPh, 2000): 21 cm. [Shelved with the journal Fiskal-Philatelist]

Cover StoryBasaran, Mehmet. Cover story: one man’s journey in to the unknown, part 2: Tughra stamps on cover 1863-1865 (Turkey: M.I. Basaran, c2010): 208 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm. [Call No. G7431 .S4 B297c 2010]

Bertazzoli, Enrico, Beppe Ermentini, & Gianluigi Roncetti. Perfin italiani: catalogo delle perforazioni commerciali de francobolli dell’area italiano, con valuazioni = Italian perfins: catalogue of trade perforations on stamps of the Italian area, with evaluations (Vignola (Mo), Italy: Vaccari, 2009): 299 p.: ill.; 25 cm. + 32 transparencies + 1 computer optical disk [Call No. G6711 .P438 B536c 2009]

Branz, Hermann. Deutsche Post in Marokko: Tarifanderungen im Uberweisungsverkehr (Berlin: Berliner Philatelisten-Klub, 1968): 15 p.: ill.; 21 cm.

Bundesmuseum. Europa-Marken 79: Geschichte des Post- und Fernmeldewesens: Sounderausstellung des Bundespostmuseums, Schaumainkai 53, 6000 Frankfurt 70, Geoffnet, Dienstag bis Sontag 10-16 Uhr: 3. Juni bis 7. September 1980 (Frankfurt [Germany]: Bundesmuseum, 1980): 32 p.: ill. (some col.); 21 cm.

Champion Stamp Co., Inc. Banknote Division. State Revenue Stamp Specimens & Die Proofs Catalog (New York: Champion Stamp Co., Inc., 2001)

Champion Stamp Co., Inc. United States State Revenue Stamp Specimens Supplement (New York: Champion Stamp Co., Inc.)

Channel Islands Specialists’ Society. 60th anniversary display to The Royal Philatelic Society London 14th October 2010 (Butbage, Hinckley [England]: Channel Islands Specialists Society, [2010]): 36 p.: col. ill.; 22 cm. [Call No. VERT FILE]

Christie’s Robson Lowe. Renaissance postal history, the Corsini correspondence to London 1571-1602 to Firenze and Piacenza 1602-1638; the Archive of Francesco Venturini, his partners and successors in Livorno 1674-1706; The Archive of Angiolini and Frangini … in Firenze 1701-1740: October 30, 1984, Zurich (London: Christie’s Robson Lowe, 1984): 64 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [Call No. NS Corsini]

Christie’s Robson Lowe. The Corsini Correspondence 1569-1601, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Low Countries, The Republic of Venice, Ragusa: September 4, 1984 (London: Christie’s Robson Lowe, 1984): 80 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [Call No. NS Corsini]

The railway mail clerk and the highway post officeCulbreth, Kennith. The railway mail clerk and the highway post office: when the mail really worked: the story of the Postal Service’s elite (Victoria, BC, Canada: Trafford Publishing, c2006): 167 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [Call No. G3701 .R152 C967r 2006]

Fabrizio, Clemens. Links und rechts der Wiese: Ansichtskarten von Anno Dazumal (Schopfheim [Germany]: Verlag Uehlin Druck- und Papierhaus GmbH, [1989]): 120 p.: ill. (some col.); 31 cm.

Feldpostvorschrift (FpV) vom 22.7.1938 (Berlin: Gedruckt in der Reichsdruckerei, 1938 (reprinted 1979/1980): 43 p.; 15 cm. [Shelved with the journal Deutsche Feldpost 1939-1945 Rundbrief]

Der Fiskal-Philatelist (ArGe Fiskal Philatelie im BDPh, [2003]-): ill.; 30 cm. [Journal]

Forschungsgemeinschaft Berlin e.V. Rundbrief (Bonn: Forschungsgemeinschaft Berlin e.V. Arbeitsgemeinschaft im BDPh e.V., [1987]-): ill.; 30 cm. [Journal]

German East Africa [exhibit] (s.l.: s.n., [after 1976?]): 2 v. (loose-leaf): ill.; 29 cm. [Call No. EXHIBITS German East Africa]

Global Lottery Collector’s Society. U.S. ticket catalog, 2000.

GrosvenorGrosvenor. Auction of British Empire, Great Britain and foreign countries, postage stamps & postal history …: featuring the first portion of the; ou[t]standing British Empire collection formed by the late Rt. Hon. Lord Cornwallis … outstanding specialised sections of Falkland Islands & Antarctica including material from the collection of the late H.L ‘Nap’ Bound, Egypt featuring the second part of the collection of the late Dennis Clarke, the exceptional collection of interrupted mail formed by the late Jerry Santangelo, the Colin Tabeart collection of transatlantic mail, Great Britain with fine line engraved from the collection of Tim Burgess and a superb collection of telegraph stamps: Decmeber 10, 2010 (London: Grosvenor, 2010): 184 p.: col. ill., ports.; 30 cm.

Hubbard, Elbert S. A. 1988 Supplement U.S.A. state revenue stamps / U.S.A. state revenue stamps. 1988 Supplement (San Jose, CA: PHIL-AMER, [1988]): 1 v. (loose-leaf – in various pagings): ill.; 22 x 29 cm. [Call No. CLOSED STACKS G3701 .R451 H875s 1978 Suppl. 1988]

Hubbard, Elbert S. A. Elbert S. A. Hubbard’s Collections of State Tobacco and “Drinks” Tax Stamps (State Revenue Society, [199?])

INFLA-Berichte (Berlin: INFLA-Berlin, Verein der Deutschlandsammler e.V., [2001?]-): col. ill.; 30 cm. [Journal]

Jamshedpur Philatelic Society monthly bulletin for private circulation only (Indranagar, Jamshedpur [India]: Jamshedpur Philatelic Society, [1980]): 25 cm. [Journal]

Hellas 2008Karamitsos, A. Hellas 2008: stamp catalogue and postal history (Thessaloniki, Greece: A. Karamitsos, [2008]): 2 v. (xv, 520 p.; 341 p.): ill. (chiefly col.); 24 cm. [Call No. G6810 .A1 K18h 2008]

Liljestrand, Robert A. & David R. Sweetland. Pennsylvania Railroad baggage & mail cars (Ansonia, CT: Bob’s Photo, [2005?]): 48 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [Call No. G3701 .R152 L728p 2005]

Macdonald, Joseph R. Macdonald’s stage coaches and stations 1850-1920 western Oregon (Lake Oswego, OR: Western Places, 2010) [Call No. G4291 .T772 M135w 2010]

Manchester, Jason H. Paper ephemera promoting colonialism; during the Third Reich [electronic resource] (2009, July 2010 printing): 1 computer optical disk; 4 3/4 in.

McFarlane, Andrew. The 1947 U.S. postage stamp centenary commemorative: a traditional exhibit of the first days covers of a 1940’s classic (Bartonsville, PA: Andrew McFarlane, 2010): ca. 200 p.: ill.; 28 cm.

McFarlane, Andrew. The 1968 U.S. 10¢ runway airmail stamp: a look at a neglected workhorse of the 1960’s & 1970’s (Bartonsville, PA: Andrew McFarlane, 2010): ca. 100 p.: ill. ; 28 cm.

Mika, Nick & Helma Mika. Mosaic of Canada on postage stamps: a pictorial glimpse at Canada’s history (Belleville, Ont.: Mika Silk Screening, c1967): 143 p.: col. ill.; 22 cm.

Monteiro, Joseph. Collection of articles published in The EFO collector, January 2004 to June 2009 [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: EFO Collector, [2005-2009]): 1 computer optical disk: col. ill.; 4 3/4 in. [Call No. CD-rom Monteiro, Joseph]

Möwe-Verlag. Die Briefmarke auf dem Bedarfsbrief: netto-bewertung (Göttingen: Möwe-Verlag, 1960): 134 p.; 21 cm.

News from Postmuseum (Sweden) (Stockhom [Sweden]: Postmuseum, 2010-): col. ill.; 30 cm. [Journal]

Large US Banknotes Identification GuidePipes, Bob & Steve Einhorn. Large U.S. banknotes identification guide: strategies & methods of identification (Bellefonte PA: American Philatelic Society, c2010): 25 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [Call No. G3701 .D313 P666l 2010]

The Rocket (Amsterdam [Netherlands]: Nederlandsche Ruimtevaart Studio Amsterdam, [1946]): ill.; 31 cm. [Journal – Shelved with The Flying Rocket]

The Rossiter News: the e-newsletter of the Stuart Rossiter Trust ([Leeds, England]: Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2010): ill.; 28 cm. [Journal]

Seary, Victor. A postage stamp history of Canada (Toronto; New York: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, c1972): 168 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Postal Employees After Hours [electronic resource] (Washington DC: Smithsonian National Postal Museum, 2010-)

Sommer, Mark. [Clippings] (1 large manila envelope) [Call No. CLIPPING FILES Kehr Comics]

Sommer, Mark. [Clippings] (1 large manila envelope) [Call No. CLIPPING FILES Kehr Poetry]

Sotheby’s. Postage stamps of the Cape of Good Hope: the “Maximus” Grand Prix collection: September 7, 1989 (London: Sotheby’s, 1989): 1 v. (unpaged): col. photos; 28 cm. [Call No. NS “Maximus” Cape of Good Hope]

Spink. The Wilkin collection of West Africa postal history, featuring campaign mail and World War One censored mail; British Africa stamps and covers from the Vestey collection to be sold by order of the trustees: December 7-8, 2010 (London: Spink, 2010): 245 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm.

Sport’en Art. Stamp mail auction featuring… State Duck Stamps, Federal Stamps, International Waterfowl Conservation Stamps, Conservation Stamps, Complete Federal & State Duck Stamp Sets, Governor’s Edition Stamps, Plate Blocks, Sheets, Artist Signed Stamps: May 31, 1990 (Sullivan, Ill.: Sport’en Art, 1990)

State Revenue Society. U.S. Municipal Revenue Stamps (Northridge, Calif.: State Revenue Society, 1957)

Troutman, Scott. Revenue stamps of North Carolina: including tax tags and related items (Duncansville, Pa.: Scott Troutman, 2005)

Vaccari, Paolo. Sicilia 1859: comparative plates of stamps (Vignola (Mo), Italy: Vaccari, 2009): 121 p.: col. ill.; 32 cm. + 15 loose col. plates in portfolio.

Walter Kruschel. 15. Spezialauktion Sammlung “Furstenberg” 2. Sitzung: October 24, 1981 (Berlin [Germany]: Walter Kruschel, Altdeutschland-Philatelie, 1981): 26, [55] p.: ill. (some col.); 24 cm. [Call No. NS “Furstenberg”]

Wood, Hugh W. British post offices abroad: display given to the Royal Philatelic Society London, 30th April 2009 ([London]: Hugh W. Wood (Printed by Pardy & Son, Ringwood, Hampshire), c2009.): 103 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm.

Zwischen-Mitteilungen (Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888 e.V.): Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888: 30 cm. [Journal]