New Swiss handbook released

The American Helvetia Philatelic Society (AHPS) has released a wonderful introduction to Swiss philately with 32 chapters that cover the expected topics like classic cantonal issues and airmail – as well as topics like Hotel Post and Soldier Stamps that are particularly Swiss. Each attractively laid-out chapter was written by a different collector who specializes in the area, under the editorship of Richard T. Hall. If you are searching for a new collecting area, the book provides collecting tips and guidance for beginning collectors of Switzerland. At the same time, it will be an important reference work for experienced collectors. One of the valuable reference tools is the multilingual philatelic dictionary on CD. This 352-page, full color, hardbound volume with dust jacket, including the CD is $65 post-paid from the AHPS.

One thought on “New Swiss handbook released”

  1. This is indeed a splendid book that sets an example for single-country collectors at all levels. While many of the beautiful illustrations are Swiss stamps in wonderful color, there are examples of postal history and many back-of-the-book items of Switzerland shown as well.
    The CD is a useful adjunct with its multi-lingual philatelic dictionary. For those who have a CD library, it may make sense to file it there. However, to keep it with the book, a pocket should have been glued on the inside back cover to keep the CD from wandering. In my review copy the CD was simply slipped inside the back cover, so purchasers of the book should make sure the CD is included. The US postpaid price of $65 is for non-members of the American Helvetia Philatelic Society. Members can buy it for $10 less.


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